Thursday, 27 February 2014

Last days, because I'm off - back in May

Last day at Cognito for over 2 months, hope that the devices are nice and keep on running smoothly. Good luck to Core Mobile, sorry for leaving you with all the problems.

Also panicking, because I have cancelled my gym membership, first time I have no gym membership in 8 years I think, last day was leg day (I ain't no softy), but in the words of T-800.

Travel nerves are kicking in, locking up the house tonight, hope I haven't forgotten anything. final flight checks tomorrow morning and then the journey begins, starting with a 2.5 hour flight to Rome and then a mega 12.5 hour long haul flight to Rio. Only thing for sure in Rio is Carnival, I will post some pictures :) Once I have done my 5 days in Rio I have nothing booked at all, but I know I want to head North.

Right now thou time for Friday burgers on a Thursday (some special event) at the starting gate.