Saturday, 8 March 2014

Salvador and a change in plans

Salvador, I am staying in a lovely hostel in the oldest area of the city. The hostel serves a great breakfast, from 8 till 12 so both mornings it has been possible to have an early breakfast head out to see parts of the city and return for lunch. The first day I headed down to the beach with various members of my dorm, two Swiss living in Switzerland and a Swiss girl living in Brazil from Canada, strange people to meet but cool none the less. I felt like a needed to relax from the bus trip to be honest, the change in prices from copacabana was huge, a parasol was only 3 reols compared to 20. Hopefully that is a good sign of things to come. Got a little burnt whoops....

Next day I headed out on a walking tour of the old town, the tour was organised by the hostel and a Brazilian history teacher took us around the oldest parts of the town, quickly flipping from Portuguese to Spanish to German to English, just in case someone asked a question. Basically Salvador was the first place that the Portuguese settled in Brazil, they liked a tree that had a red dye here and its colour gave rise to the name Brazil. Various boom and bust economies have brought wealth and then destroyed it leaving a very strange mix of high rise building s next to run down 1700 buildings.

I had planned to stay in Salvador and see the area a bit more but I have seen something that I cannot pass without going to see, I have to get on another bus for a few hours but hopefully this should be well worth it.