Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Top of Roraima

The Top.
So woke up and looked out the weather was clear.  Straight after pancakes, the food on this trip is awesome, we headed out to the window. Its just a rock formation that gives you a nice view of the top and of the other table mountain. Here there is also a piece of overhanging rock that gives you a really sense of the sheer size of the mountain. The top is 26 square kilometres and has a few animals that are only found here, the black frog being one, another being a little racoon that is cream and black, got a bad photo of the later. Once we had had our fill of the window it was time to head to the lagoon for a wash, this is a natural pool of rain water, that was supposed to be warmed by the sun during the day, but Alex our guide had been lying, it was freezing. The water was so clear however and there were quartz crystals on the bottom which glimmered in the sunlight very beautiful.
Back to the hotel for lunch and then another climb this time to the highest point on the mountain, great views which over looked the base camp an the approach as well as the climb, and got some awesome photos. We then we headed into a cave that extends into the mountain for 6km, Roraima is mainly sandstone and has quite a few little rivers running through it. My camera was not good enough to take any photos with the cave but it was small and damp, a few parts had me on my hands and knees to get through gaps.
As soon as the sun went down it was bed early as we had an early start for the decent from the top.